Our family has combined 40+ years of Aluminum Oxide abrasive bonding experience with today’s latest technology to manufacture our line of Water Stones.

Our Water Stones are engineered with the highest grade material available and are extremely fast cutting and long lasting. You will quickly notice the difference in our Water Stones, which are proudly 100% made in Bristol, WI. Our Sharpening Stone line has recently expanded and is made up of the below offerings:

  • Water Stones (roughly 8 x 3 x 1) ranging from 220 grit to 10000 grit. Also available in other sizes.

  • Flattening Stones come in 120 and 320 grit. These are offered as stand alone or in combination. Regular and large sizes available.

  • Combination Oil Stones offered in wooden boxes and various sizes.

  • Polishing Compound available in just under 2 oz. tubes.

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Pride Abrasive’s Water Stones have tremendous synergy, so you can really tailor your sharpening experience, to your own preferences. The 10k stone, is a must have, for that final mirror polish, and fantastic sharp edge.
— Jef Jewell, Product Tester and YouTube Video Producer
Pride Abrasive’s Water Stones cut incredibly fast and leave a consistent finish on nearly every steel I tested, all the while minimizing both load-up and dishing.
— Zapatodefuego (Matt S), Sharpening Guru and discussion board leader on Reddit
Pride Abrasive’s Water Stones cut incredibly fast and after extended, controlled testing and multiple magnified images they seem to be the most durable stone on the market. The 8,000 grit cuts faster than a leading Japanese manufacturer by about 1.5 times. It’s the fastest 8k Water Stone I’ve ever used!
— Mike Poe, Owner of Best Sharpening Stones, 10 years of experience www.BestSharpeningStones.com

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